CES 2019 | Top 3 Things Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs Need To Know


"While it’s fun to get caught up in the excitement of bigger screens and smarter homes, CES also provides a window into the next evolution of consumer behavior for savvy marketers who look beyond the buzz.” - Think with Google

 This isn't your typical roundup post about the top trends from this year's CES event.  Instead of talking about the weirdest gadgets announced on the floor, we want to discuss what this means for consumer behaviors, marketing and best practices.

Top 3 Things You Need To Know 

1. 5G Is A Confusing Mess.  Although there was a lot of hype around 5G being the main topic at CES, unfortunately for those that attended it didn't deliver.  Avi Greengart said it best during an interview with CNET, "At CES, 5G is mainly being used as a buzzword and proxy for 'future of mobility.'"

We know we can't leave you hanging, so we collected some chatter on what was said through the trades, event presentations and...

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