Prepping Your Company Website For The Holiday Rush Or Campaign Launch

marketing tips Nov 08, 2018

“It’s beginning to cost a lot like Christmas” -Unknown

 When you think about holidays, what is the first word that comes to mind? - SHOPPING!

Just kidding, it is also about love, family, friends, and community.

But in all seriousness, a lot of people associate holidays with shopping and the significant spike in sales during the holiday period proves it.

As more people are shopping and researching online, your business needs to be prepared for the increased traffic to your website to ensure the best customer experience. Just like when hosting a big party, you don't want to make people wait at the door, run out of food or leave your guests completely unattended.

Here are three (3) main items that you need to check off your list in order to prepare your website for the holiday rush. This is also what you should do when prepping for a major campaign launch, so keep this list bookmarked and refer back to it often.

  1. Figure out all business logistics in advance
    • Inventory availability, pricing, customer support
    • Flawless user experience, easy navigation and checkout process
  2. Get mobile ready
    • 23% of all online purchases come from mobile phones (eMarketer)
    • Consumers are also using their phones in-store to compare pricing, look for discounts, etc.
  3. Prepare your website on the backend
    • Ensure fast page load- 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if a page load takes longer than 3 sec to load (DoubleClick)
    • Have all the necessary pixels and tags in place for analytics and retargeting purposes
    • Secure your website to protect it from bots and any fraudulent activity

At the end of the day, don’t worry, be happy! It’s all about the holiday spirit! 

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