Galentine's Day | How To Create An Experiential Event For Your Female Customers

marketing tips Jan 30, 2019

"You Beautiful Tropical Fish." - Leslie Knope, Parks & Recreation

If you have a female focused based service or product, creating an experiential event around Galentine's Day is a great way to create engagement with your current fans  - or create new ones - and generate organic social content. Galentine's Day was first introduced on an episode of Parks & Recreation, a primetime sitcom. It's on February 13th and it's a day for women to celebrate their close girlfriends sans romantic partners.  

Experiential marketing, also know as "engagement marketing," is a marketing strategy that encourages audience interaction with a brand in real life.  Although experiential marketing is often associated with event marketing it has a distinct difference.  The main focus of an experiential event is to invite your audience to participate in a hands-on experience directly with your brand to learn what the company is about, including philanthropic involvement or partnerships.


"The main focus of an experiential event is to invite your audience to participate in a hands on experience directly with your brand..."


A Galentine's Day experiential event is a great way to boost awareness of your brand, engage directly with your fans, and generate content for your social handles. Centering your event around Galentine's Day you can take advantage of the natural social chatter that picks up during this timeframe as well.

Below are some experiential event ideas to jump start your brainstorm:

  • Champagne party at your business location
    • If you sell solely online, have it at your studio or a great restaurant 
  • City Treasure Hunt encouraging social sharing as each clue is discovered and solved
  • Photo event where a group of girlfriends can engage with your products in an artistic installation
  • Collaborate with another company that complements your brand i.e. wine tasting hosted by a kitchen appliance company in collaboration with a wine company
  • Host a local all girl band or performers to create a local vibe and bring in the community to view your shop or experience your services
  • Invite a speaker for an intimate conversation that covers the company's philanthropic initiatives or addresses your consumers needs/wants i.e. women empowerment 

Things to note:

  • Create a specific hashtag to monitor social chatter
  • To gain additional exposure create a hashtag game to encourage social sharing
    • Do this by offering a prize, goody bag or raffle for participation
  • Hire a professional photographer to capture high quality images to use for future marketing collateral and send to all your guest to use as well
  • Send a thank you note to all attendees and include a survey to gain feedback on the experiential event


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