About Us

"The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time."  - Thomas Jefferson

Our Mission 

To empower, support and provide all the necessary intelligence, guidance and tools for entrepreneursinfluencers and small to medium size businesses to do marketing and advertising on their own successfully. We believe every business, regardless of size, deserves industry intel and access to experts in the field 

Our Purpose 

To make Agency Lite a one stop shop that replaces the need to secure an Agency of Record (AOR). 

We champion the subscription economy, which is why in early 2019 Agency Lite will be a subscription based membership site where for a nominal monthly fee our clients will gain access to industry intel & services traditionally only available to large corporations. 

Through our subscription model clients will receive access to industry expert POVs, eCourses, video summits & panels, consumer reports, and networking opportunities to connect and work directly with vetted media properties, ad-tech companies and freelancers.

To be the first to know when doors open, subscribe here.

Our Guiding Principles  

Be modern: Keep up with the times, news, trends, technology, media consumptions, and purchase behaviors. We are modern and innovative not only in the intel we provide, but how we approach our business model and service our clients - in other words we are open to pivot when necessary. 

Be quirky:  A dash of humor will make everything easier. You can do it, put your personality” into it. 

Be optimistic: Everything will work out. No matter what, peoples happiness and well-being comes first. 

Be inclusive: Diversity and inclusion is key in everything we do. We welcome, value, respect and appreciate every age, gender, ethnicity,  religious beliefs, background, experience, ability and furriness :) 


Meet The Founders

Anna Locke

Anna is an established marketer with 11 years of media experience on multi-million dollar brands. She is an expert in creating integrated campaigns bridging traditional and digital strategies to help her clients increase sales, build impactful relationships with their customers and even win Super Bowl across other advertisers.  

Driven by her strong passion for marketing and love for people,  Anna enjoys giving back as a mentor for the new generation of leaders. She does this through her volunteer work at “Reading to Kids” organization and her involvement as a member of the ThinkLA IDEA Council Board, one of the most prominent  nonprofit associations founded to promote Los Angeles as a network of creativity and innovation in media, marketing, and advertising.

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Linda aka Lin Marty

Linda is an accomplished Integrated marketing professional with an established record of developing effective, award winning strategies and delivering value to her clients.  With 16 years experience, she has a diverse portfolio working in categories such as automotive, entertainment, financial services, and CPG on a national and local scale. In 2017 she was a nominee for ThinkLA's Agency Person of The Year.

In addition to being a savvy marketer, Linda is also a professional photographer under the alias name Lin Marty, where she focuses on online personal branding photography & content strategy for female creatives, entrepreneurs and industry influencers.

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