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Agency Lite is a marketing & advertising intelligence agency and online community, that covers the latest trends in marketing, consumer behaviors, paid media, and much much more!

Our Story

Anna and Linda have 26 years of collective experience working in the advertising industry across all major categories such as automotive, CPG, retail, entertainment, hospitality, and finance among others. 

Having built their careers working for large advertising firms and with extensive experience working independently, they quickly discovered that to best service their clients they would need to remain relevant and up-to-date with the latest and greatest market resources. Identifying this gap in the market for independent marketing and advertising operators they created Agency Lite to provide ongoing access to this information: full functioning repository of industry intelligence, tools & resources, and a library to gain a strong understanding of the media partner landscape. 


What We Offer

Marketing Trends

Articles covering modern marketing, aggregate of newsworthy topics, expert opinions and discussions.

Strategic Application

Industry expert deep dives & discussions around specific topics (Video, Social Media, OTT, Influencer Marketing, Programmatic, etc.) and how you can continue to apply new thinking into your strategic work.  

­čöÉSubscription Only  - Coming In 2020


Media Partner Library

Vetted media partner list showcasing their latest products & services.  Library will include a variety of up to date media kits, presentations, editorial calendars, virtual "lunch & learns," and webinars.

­čöÉSubscription Only - Coming In 2020


Get free Agency Lite Marketing Content Calendar that highlights all major hashtag holidays and tentpole events for the year!


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